About us

Golden Clef International is the result of the dream and vision of Stefano Virginio and his team. “Coming from Tuscany, we are immersed in the traditions of Arezzo, one of the most famous Italian “gold” districts, but in just over three decades we have built a business model that has crossed borders and turned us into a modern company dedicated to the global diffusion of that most precious “Made in Italy” label.

Founded in 1987, the company has grown to become a reference name in markets such as the United States, Canada, Japan and Europe, where it stands out for its unique collections proposing a wide choice of gold jewellery and for its constant quest for technological innovation in its processes.

Our Mission

Every creation by Golden Clef carries an emotion within it. The intention is to build a dialogue between the precious jewel and the person who chooses it, a never-ending story linking the mind and the heart.

The extensive range of jewellery available is in constant stylistic evolution and develops around key pieces. These key pieces are long-running best sellers with surprising aesthetics. Their success can be attributed not only to the quality of the materials, created by master craftsmen, but also to the constant work of tracking and forecasting new trends and styles. Absolutely everything is “Made in Italy”.

Our team

Golden Clef’s heritage is to be found in a territory devoted to the manufacture of gold jewellery, a territory where talent and tradition combine, where beauty, art and craftmanship co-exist naturally.

At the very heart of Golden Clef, its “key to success”, is its team of artistic masters who, thanks to their creativity, their technical expertise and their passion, produce jewels of unrivalled quality with a special soul.

Creativity and technique are intertwined with a constant to-and-fro between designers, artisans and new generations searching for technological innovation. There is a perfect blend of traditional “know-how” from Tuscany and a new globally-oriented style of business.  With the arrival of Matteo Virginio, the second generation of the family, this direction is reinforced : developping global markets whilst maintaining the founding values of the company.

Ethical gold

Golden Clef is committed to an ethical and traceable supply chain. This is the reason why Golden Clef chooses only raw materials extracted with a respect for nature and people. The gold used by the company is fair and ethical because it comes from mines where the main objectives are decent pay and safety for workers, along with the reduction of environmental impact.

Made in Italy

Golden Clef International constantly seeks to improve its manufacturing techniques and processes, tracing and controlling every step of its supply chain, from the choice of high quality raw materials to the realisation of gold creations. The entire process takes place in Italy : a guarantee of quality, commitment and distinction.