Golden Clef jewels have a special soul that combines the preciousness of the raw material with the modernity and elegance of their design without forgetting the cultural heritage of the goldsmith tradition of Tuscany.


The “Value Chain” : The priority of Golden Clef is to combine new technological innovations with the highest goldsmith traditions while constantly improving the quality control of the product. Golden Clef guarantees a permanent commitment to sustainability at every step of its supply chain.


A policy of flexible logistics with a dedicated team taking care of every step : from quality control to labelling, from packaging to shipping.  Each  jewel arrives at our customers ready to be sold.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is our commitment and greatest reward. For this reason we have a dedicated customer service team that follows daily requests with direct and ongoing contact to ensure a positive and lasting relationship with our partners: from the management of restocking and returns to the resolution of critical issues.